Waterwise Swim School in Perth is the Premier Choice for Swimming Lessons in WA.

Top-quality, safety-focused swimming programs for all ages and abilities. Join us today!

Splash Baby Swimming Lessons in Perth

At Waterwise Swim School, we believe it’s never too early to introduce your newborn to the joys and safety of the water. Our Splash Baby Water Familiarisation Classes are designed to create a gentle and welcoming introduction to aquatic environments.

Turtle Toddler Swimming Lessons in Perth

Our Toddler Swimming Lessons provide a nurturing environment where your little ones, aged 12-36 months, embark on an exciting aquatic journey. During these early lessons, toddlers learn essential water skills, including breath control, submersion, floating, and the art of graceful movement in the water. As they continue to grow and develop physically, mentally, and socially, they hone and enhance these vital skills.

Kids Swimming Lessons in Perth

From newborns to primary school-age children, Waterwise Swim School offers a range of meticulously designed swimming programs to ensure your little ones grow to become adept, safe, and confident in and around water. We understand that as a parent, your peace of mind is paramount, knowing that your child is Waterwise.

Adult Swimming Lessons in Perth

You are never too old to learn and embark on your very own aquatic journey. We offer a range of programs tailored to cater to the unique needs of adult swimmers.