Kids Swimming Lessons in Perth

Kids Swimming Lessons in Perth

Pre-School & School Age Lessons
Kids Private Swimming Lessons

At Waterwise we offer tailored lessons to Pre-School and School Age children. We also offer kids private swimming lessons for personalised attention and customised learning.

Newborns to primary school-age

From newborns to primary school-age children, Waterwise Swim School offers a range of meticulously designed swimming programs to ensure your little ones grow to become adept, safe, and confident in and around water. We understand that as a parent, your peace of mind is paramount, knowing that your child is Waterwise. Our Perth kids swimming lessons cater to children with varying swimming abilities and guide them on a progressive journey towards confident swimming through stroke development during their primary school years.

Pre-School Age Lessons

Our pre-school age lessons are both enjoyable and progressive, utilising purpose-built activities to teach children how to swim and float independently. Through consecutive enrolments, every child has the opportunity to work on their weaknesses in the water while enhancing their strengths. We ensure that students learn new skills when they are ready, not just when they move to the next level. This approach allows your child to develop steadily and gain confidence in the water, setting the foundation for a lifetime of water safety and enjoyment.
For children aged 3 and up, our Royal Life Saving-endorsed School Age Swimming Lessons offer the perfect platform for growth in swimming ability. Children progress through Beginner Swim Class Stages 1 – 3 as they enhance their swimming skills in Waterwise’s Perth kids swimming lessons.
As parents, you can rest assured that your children are acquiring a valuable skill that not only grants them access to the numerous health benefits and joys of a lifetime of swimming but can also act as a life-saving tool in potentially risky water situations. Contact us today to get started.

School Age Swimming Lessons Stages 1 – 8

Our Royal Life Saving-endorsed School Age Swimming Lessons offer a comprehensive curriculum that guides children through mastering all swimming strokes over several years. As they progress, they consistently grow and strengthen their swimming abilities. Each completed stage unlocks new skills that contribute to stroke development, and children must meet Royal Life Saving’s skill assessment criteria to advance to the next stage.
We encourage year-round enrollment in kids swimming lessons to help children continuously build on their skills and maintain their endurance. Our heated facilities ensure that children can practise even during the winter months.

Kids Private Swimming Lessons in Perth

Has your child faced challenges or discomfort in a group swimming lesson setting? Maybe they harbour anxieties or fears about swimming that need extra attention and gentle guidance in the water. Our kids private swimming lessons in Perth provide the perfect solution.
We take great pride in our ability to tailor private swimming lessons to address all aspects of your child’s needs, whether they are physical, social, or emotional. We are dedicated to matching your child with the right teacher to ensure their success in the water.
Our private lessons offer flexibility – they can be one-off sessions to focus intently on a particular issue or part of an ongoing plan aimed at nurturing your child’s skills and strengths over time. We provide you with the choice, and our team is ready to collaborate with you to make your child’s swimming experience not only enjoyable but also exceptionally rewarding. Contact us today to get started.

Did you know?

If you’re excited to embark on this aquatic adventure with your little one, please don’t hesitate to contact us for information on available spots.We are Royal Life Saving Endorsed! Our School Age Swimming Lessons adhere to the endorsed syllabus and assessments by Royal Lifesaving, assuring you that your child is receiving training and guidance in line with the national body’s rigorous standards.

Please contact us today to inquire about current class availability and embark on this exciting journey of swimming and skill development with Waterwise Swim School.

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