Turtle Toddler Swimming Lessons in Perth

Toddler Swimming Lessons in Perth

Applicable Age Groups:

12-36 months

Class Size:

Up to 8 toddlers

Prequisite Skill Level:


The Benefits of Turtle Toddler Swimming Lessons

Our Toddler Swimming Lessons provide a nurturing environment where your little ones, aged 12-36 months, embark on an exciting aquatic journey. During these early lessons, toddlers learn essential water skills, including breath control, submersion, floating, and the art of graceful movement in the water. As they continue to grow and develop physically, mentally, and socially, they hone and enhance these vital skills.

Learning Through Play

At Waterwise Swim School, we understand that the most effective learning happens when it’s wrapped in fun. Through playful water activities, your toddler learns comfortably alongside mum and dad. These lessons set the stage for a lifetime of water safety, health, and, most importantly, fun!

Transition to Stroke Development

Upon completing the Turtle Toddler classes, your child is well-prepared to transition into our Pre-School Swimming Program. Here, they’ll begin their exciting journey into stroke development, building on the strong foundation of aquatic skills they’ve acquired. Contact us today to get started.

Toddler Classes for You & Your Child

Our unique approach invites parents to actively participate with their little one in the water. It’s more than just a bonding experience; it’s an opportunity for you to nurture your confidence in handling your precious bundle in and around the water. You’ll play an essential role in shaping their lifetime of safety and enjoyment in aquatic environments.

Join Your Little One!

While you don’t need to be a skilled swimmer, being comfortable in shoulder-deep water is all you need to participate in this memorable experience. At Waterwise Swim School, we believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for parents and children alike, ensuring that every lesson is a stepping stone to aquatic confidence, safety, and shared enjoyment.

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