Mums ‘n Bubs / Pops ‘n Tots


Applicable Age Groups: 6 months to 2 ½ years
Instructors: Stacy and Wendy
Class Size: Up to 8 infants or toddlers
Pre-Requisite Skill Level: None

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* The best way to contact us is by phoning the swim school office *

Group classes are $24 each payable by Term (usually 9 or 10 lessons in a Term)

Mums ‘n Bubs / Pops ‘n Tots (Parent & Child Classes)

Join us for Parent-Child Swimming Lessons

With our Mums 'n Bubs / Pops 'n Tots programs Mom, Dad, or both parents are welcome to join their little one. This a great time of bonding while your child gently exercises in the water, but moreover, this is an opportunity for you to grow with confidence in handling your precious little bundle in and around water, and being apart of their lifetime of safety and fun in the water!

The following programs can be taken as a Mum ‘n Bubs / Pops ‘n Tots class:

Newborn Familiarization Classes

Baby & Toddler Lessons



Parents are encouraged to start their children in swimming lessons sooner rather than later. Our program is progressive and aims to teach your child real swimming and floating skills. This is achieved through ongoing practice in consecutive enrollments.

Join Your Little One!

While you don't need to be a competent swimmer to participate, you do need to be comfortable in shoulder-deep water.


Please contact us for current spots available.


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