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Newsletter Term 1 2021


Happy 2021 to all our families! We hope you have all had a fun summer and are as excited as we are to begin another year of swimming.

New Staff

We are excited to introduce our newest additions to our Swim School! You will see them at various shifts at Canning Vale or Willetton.




The history of our Swim School

Waterwise has just celebrated its 8th Birthday.

It all started in the summer break of 2013. There was not a single swimmer enrolled yet. But soon Stacy had her first student, then another, and another. Friends and families quickly spread the word that a new swim school in Willetton was teaching children to swim faster than most other programs in Perth.

In 2014, Wendy joined Stacy and the swim school began to grow even more! When 2016 came, they met Alex when he enrolled his newborn son into swimming lessons. Wendy and Alex invested in Waterwise and helped Stacy build the new facility which opened in Willetton from Term 4 2017.

In 2019 Sam joined us to expand into Canning Vale. That facility opened in 2020 and we now have more instructors working with us and over 1,000 students enrolled across the two swim schools! We are excited about helping so many families in our community, and giving students a love for swimming.

We love what we do and are grateful to the thousands of families who have trusted us with their little ones over the years.


Social Media

Please find us on Instagram and Facebook and follow, like, comment and share where appropriate. The latest algorithms mean many followers aren’t seeing our content. Not that we post very often but we would love to see more of our families interacting with us when we do 😊



April Vac Swim


Vac Swim enrolments will open Wednesday 10th March

When: Tuesday 6th-Friday 9th April (4 day series)

Where: Willetton

Teachers: Wendy, Audrey & Stacy

Classes Available: Baby & Toddler classes, Stages 1-6 & Adult lessons

Time: 8:30am-11:30am

Price: $24 per lesson

Stacy will be teaching her Survival swim and Drowning prevention lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday only.

If you are using Makeups accrued in Term 1, 2021, they must be booked through the Customer Portal. The Portal will open from 2nd April for 4 days in advance. (Please note makeup lessons are only valid for 3 months)

Makeup Lessons

In order to be eligible for a makeup lessons we must receive a minimum of 3 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled lesson. If your child is sick and unfit for lessons, or if you will be away on holiday, please use the Customer Portal to notify us of your absence. You can do so by using the following Link

WILLETTON Customer Portal:


You can also email or phone the swim school any time. Just leave a message any time of the day or night if no one answers.

Willetton Phone & Email

6107 3699 / [email protected]

Canning Vale Phone & Email

Canning Vale – 6150 9388 / [email protected]

Please remember we cannot guarantee makeups though we will do our best to ensure every family gets the lessons paid for. Makeup lessons are valid for 3 months and can be used so long as you are enrolled. If you are not returning for the next term, please make sure to use your makeups before your current enrolment ends.

Our Swim School App

The App is used sparingly (we won't spam you!) for short, important messages that need to go to every family, for example reminders of Term dates. If you haven't downloaded it yet, search "Waterwise Swim School" in itunes App Store or Google Play. Please make sure you have notifications enabled!

Survival Swim

Swimming lessons are great as a fun activity and a way for children to get comfortable in water.  But swimming lessons do not necessarily teach little ones how to get safe in and around water any time soon. Just ask any parent who has had their pre-school child enrolled in lessons since they were a baby but the child still can't swim.  Traditional lessons can take term after term of continuous lessons for several years before children have sufficient skills to save themselves if the unthinkable was to happen.

Survival swim not only gets infants and young children safe; it gives them the skills to thrive in water and go on to be advanced swimmers for their age.  If your child could learn to swim, float and survive in just a few weeks, wouldn't you want that for them?  And for your own peace of mind?

Unfortunately most children cry during the lessons, sometimes only for the first few lessons, sometimes through the whole program. Either way, they still get skilled. All our students love swimming and are happy to stay and play after lessons – sometimes to the point where moms and dads have to pretend they really are going home and will leave their child behind if they don’t get out the pool!

It is important to remember that babies have no language ability so crying is their main means of communication – they do it throughout the day for various reasons. Older children have often learned that they get a response when they cry. Their crying is usually for mom or dad’s benefit because it is often a parent who does something to stop them crying as soon as possible. But unfortunately for them, that doesn’t work in the pool. I find it helpful to think of it as “just noise”. Crying is not a reason to give up on your child’s lessons! Please trust the process and trust your instructor, we have been trained in child psychology and know how to deal with children – strong-willed, defiant or placid, we have worked with them all.

When Stacy did her training in Orlando, Florida, she met a mom who had found her first born son at the bottom of their backyard pool. That mom said the only thing that kept her going at the time was being 5 months pregnant with their second son. She told Stacy that when she heard him crying in his lessons, she would have given anything to be able to hear her first child cry again. That really puts it into perspective for us. It is no fun having little ones cry or yell through their lessons but it is better than the alternative.


Wendy, Stacy, Audrey, Patrick, Dani, Katie, Cam, Brian, Chad, Bronte, Indi, Breah, & Pippa



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Newsletter Term 1 2021

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