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Why we don’t offer trial lessons

October 17, 2017

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Our Waterwise instructors are experienced with more than 10 years teaching experience each. They are able to teach all ages and all abilities, and are confident in their teaching ability.

A trial class is not enough time to build a relationship between the student and the instructor, and does not allow enough time for parents to be able to see the full value of what our program has to offer.

Since 2013 we have been working hard to build great relationships with families in our community. We know and value every student, and care about the progress that every swimmer makes.

Anxious children, strong willed children and those hesitant to swim, may need several lessons, possibly even some private classes, to get them going. A trial class could possibly do more harm than good if the child resists the trial, but then does not continue in classes so that they can overcome their reservations.

If you are considering putting your child into lessons but you are not sure how they might go, please commit to at least one term of lessons - then make sure your child attends every class. We will do the rest and ensure your child gets comfortable in our lessons and that they start to progress within that term.

There are many reviews online from families who have attended our swimming classes. These can be found on pages such as Active Activities, Google and Facebook. Parents are also always welcome to come and attend any of our sessions to observe lessons in progress, and to have a chat to other parents about their experience at Waterwise.

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Why we don’t offer trial lessons

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