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Traditional Lessons or Survival Swim?

July 13, 2017

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The Choice Between Traditional Lessons or Survival Swim For Drowning Prevention

What if toddler and child drownings could be reduced to zero?

It IS possible! But …

*  Not due to mandatory pool fences as determined little ones have been known to scale a fence in less than a minute;

*  Not due to floaties which often give swimmers, and their parents, a false sense of confidence;

*  Not due to supervision as children drown in spite of the best supervision (75% of drownings happen when one parent thought the other was watching a child);

*  And not necessarily due to swimming lessons. Programs that teach children to be happy in water but don’t give them skills they might one day need, could actually put your child in danger. If a toddler learns to love jumping to mum or dad, they might not make the distinction that jumping into water without a parent could be fatal.

Learn to swim programs can also take years for children to get safe and independent in water. Even then, they are often not equipped with the skills they would need if they ended up in water unexpectedly, with no goggles on, and weighed down by their clothing.

Approximately 80% of child drownings happen due to an unexpected fall into water. A child who knows what to do if it happened to them, can survive such an incident - and be the difference between a mishap and a devastating tragedy.

Wouldn’t every family want that for their child?

Children are naturally drawn to water so it makes sense to equip every child with aquatic survival skills.

Choosing the right program for your family

Before signing up for any program, go and observe lessons. Chat to the instructor and, more importantly, talk to other parents who have their children enrolled. Ask them how long their child has been in lessons and what they have learned in that time. Watch what children in lessons are learning. Visit several different swim schools before making a decision. Then consider which swim school would best equip your child with the skills they would need if they had a mishap around water. Swimming lessons are not just an activity. They are essential.

What IS the Difference Between Traditional Lessons and Survival Swim Then?

Many programs teach beginner swimmers in shallow water where they can always stand. Students are also taught by being held by a teacher or assisted with a floatation aid such as a noodle, dumbbell or board. They teach children through water play such as blowing bubbles to a picture at the bottom of the pool, chasing balls in shallow water, or doing horse rides on a noodle. Other programs focus on drowning prevention and will gently push children out of their comfort zone to learn effective skills they could use if they unintentionally ended up in water.

What if your child is a reluctant swimmer?

Survival swim is right for EVERY child. Instructors are patient specialists who have trained in child development and child psychology. They are well equipped to teach any child – be they anxious, strong-willed, or eager. Every child is different. Because the program is taught one-on-one, each lesson is tailored to accommodate the child’s temperament, and to progress every swimmer in the best possible way for them.

Drowning Prevention

Survival swim can, and does, reduce drownings. And the more families who know about it, the more children can learn these much needed skills. Your child’s life could depend on the type of program you choose. Drowning is final. There are no second chances.

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Traditional Lessons or Survival Swim?

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