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Why We (Strongly) Recommend Survival Swim™

September 10, 2016

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Swimming lessons are great as a fun activity and a way for children to get comfortable in water.  But swimming lessons do not necessarily teach little ones how to get safe in and around water any time soon. Just ask any parent who has had their pre-school child enrolled in lessons since they were a baby but the child still can't swim.  Traditional lessons can take term after term of continuous lessons for several years before children have sufficient skills to save themselves if the unthinkable was to happen.

Survival swim not only gets infants and young children safe, it gives them the skills to thrive in water and go on to be advanced swimmers for their age.  If your child could learn to swim, float and survive in just a few weeks, wouldn't you want that for them?  And for your own peace of mind?

In Perth, we have strict laws about pool fencing yet many children continue to drown in backyard pools here, and across the country, almost on a weekly basis!  Fences are propped open, children find ways to climb the fence and our many rivers, lakes and beaches can't be fenced. Fences are not the answer.  Neither are floaties!  Children who have learned aquatic survival swim skills can swim, float, swim if they ever got to water unseen and unheard - intentionally or by accident.


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Why We (Strongly) Recommend Survival Swim™

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