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The Case for Year-Round Swimming

September 11, 2016

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Swimming is one of the most progressive sports a child can do.  As they master each skill, they are quickly able to add to their ability and take their swimming to the next level.  BUT a few months out the pool, can undo their hard work and their skills will most likely regress.  When it comes to being safe around water, these are skills you don’t want to be rusty.  Ever!

This is why Waterwise offers lesson all year round.  Please protect your little ones (and your investment in them) by continuing lessons through the winter months. Younger swimmers will especially benefit from continuous swimming as more time in the water will build their confidence. (Yay!) Their bodies will also carry on growing in this time, another reason to keep them swimming regularly.

We understand children are more susceptible to coughs and colds in the winter months and offer makeups to help them get their lessons in. With lessons 6 days a week, we will do all we can to make sure your child keeps their skills.  All you have to do, is keep them enrolled! 🙂


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The Case for Year-Round Swimming

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