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Testimonial: Lizeke

September 7, 2016

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After a bad experience, we arrived with a terrified 3 year old, who struggled with just getting into the pool, and had never floated on her back. Within 2 weeks, she was floating unassisted on her back. Within 4 weeks she was rolling from the float position and swimming herself to the wall. AMAZING. Psychologically, it was a massive challenge for our daughter, but Stacy was *very* understanding, and broke it down into small steps, just one day at a time, and always set her tasks she could achieve.

Her confidence has grown and although she still has a little way to go, she has come so far and is now coping so well in the regular Learn to Swim program.


Catherine Carter, mother of Sofia

Survival Swim Program & Pre-School Age Swimming Lessons

Ethan (2) - what a beautiful testimony from his parents

First of all I would love to thank Stacy at Waterwise Swim School for doing an amazing job with the survival swim course.
I can in all honesty say that our bub is water safe! What a relief.
BUT, we have received so much more from Stacy. We have received understanding and compassion. Love and kindness and most of all a love for swimming and water.
Stacy, the way you worked with Ethan amazed me every single day we came to you. This is so much more than a job to you, you are absolutely dedicated to each individual child and I truly believe this is your calling.

Thank you for showing passion and love within your work, it absolutely shines through.

We are absolutely blessed with the best and this video will show just that!! If this isn't a love Ethan has developed for swimming and you... I probably don't know what love is!!!

All our love, Lizeke, Jaco and Ethan xxx





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Testimonial: Lizeke

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